A word for which we all have our own interpretation. A word we all use in our own way. A word that we know in Rotterdam as ‘no nonsense.’ A word with a nod to our tropical neo-tiki concept; Amehoela comes from Hula, the Polynesian dance. A true melting pot of the Tropics with a little bit of a Rotterdam edge; Amehoela Rotterdam.

About us

A lot of us remember this place as the notorious Bootleg DJ café. Located Mauritsweg 33, a 300mtr walk from Rotterdam Central Station.

In the summer of 2017 we got the chance to re-build, re-design and re-open this magical spot; Amehoela Rotterdam was born, your first neo-tiki bar in Rotterdam. Serving tropical streetfood, unique highclass cocktails and a diverse music programme to dance to all night long.

Let your tastes all ride with our cocktail roulette

It will cover all 9000 taste buds.


Unfortunately at Amehoela we don't work with reservations. We don't want any empty tables in our tropical temple. Curious about our cocktails? Come by and see for yourself!

Want to book a table?